Monday, June 25, 2007

Fly me to the moon

J is learning to play the piano/keyboard and he played me this song. Since I have never heard it before, it was the sweetest song I have ever heard from him, an I hope o never hear the original so it will remain that way.
The knitting Job goes well, finaly. You know how it is with a new yarn and a new pattern,. It takes a bit for you all to get to know one another. The yarn is stiff and the rayon thread frequently doesn’t catch with the rest of the yarn. It also tends to become unruly if not held tight. I first found myself gripping everything so tightly, and making so many mistakes at one point I was ready to rip the whole thing back out and start again. But I took breaks and got the pattern memorized and now I can finish a row of 194 stitches in 4 mins. I already completed at least 2 inches in 4 hours.(yeah, nothing to brag about. The needles are size 7 and the yarn is a serious black. I can’t work it in the dark or even in bad light.)
On the spinning front, I have once again taken to spinning the last of the apology roving. I think that is really odd considering the size of the argument I had with the in-laws this weekend. God! Anyway. The pup is doing ok, his potty training is weird. Just when you think he’s got it, he winds up making on the floor. He also still whines in his kennel in the morning but I caught our older dog doing it too. I went out and bought a bag of lime this weekend to kill the smell in out back yard and boy does that work wonders! I put it over all the piles I could find and in an hour… no smell! Course J is very scared ‘cause I’ve been talking about killing him for years, and now I bought lime…..
I got a call from my daughter Quisha and she had some news for me I’m really proud of. I got to talk to Heather and Christine, it’s amazing how much I miss them all until they are here. This weekend besides the knitting and spinning I did some weeding in my front and side beds. The mound I got was HUGE! I so need to weed more often. I’ve started a compost bin oput of 2 35 gallon trash cans. This weekend I just about filled the one. I put some lime in there to go with the (coconut) Plant matter and dirt. Now I have to buy worms and dump the rabbit waste in there. We’ll see if it works out. The one part that gets me is that I have to water the contraption. I give it about 12 cups once or twice a week but…. I also need to turn it over some. Maybe tonight after the Harley dealership visit, and before the obligatory hour of knitting on the Job.
The Yarn issue with the classic elite montadale that shed itself all over me? The LYS wouldn’t take the yarn back. It’s up for sale 50.00 for the bag and 2 skeins. No tax.
Lets see anything else? Garden, kids, dogs, knitting, spinning…Nope that’s it! Oh, J got a new I pod Nano from Ameritrade for being there thru some monster event. So now I have a Nano and one lucky child will be getting a shuffle.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

One is the lonelyest number

Singles are the pits, whether you are without a mate, without a group or without ply.
I bought that alpaca wool singles yarn for J's sweater and it shed all over me tonight. I tried really hard to work it but it wasn't happening. It will be going back to the yarn store tomorrow for swapping.
Work is good but lonely. The girls are quiet and work is slow.
My Thursday night knitting group was no were to be found so I went to SOP. I will continue to do so.

I knit a hat in 4 days. I 'm so proud of me! Course I am stuck in my house because of the CWS so I had nothing but time.
This weekend is the Arts festival and the Nebraska Sheep and Goat annual meeting. As well as the last games of the CWS.
I planted more roses last weekend, fixed the retaining wall, and decided the house would have to wait till fall to be painted.

I start my next knitting Job this weekend on the trip to Grand Island.

Ok I'm still pissed. I'm gonna go toss my stash till I feel better.

Friday, June 08, 2007

This is your life ..

Are you who you want to be?

Wow I have been working on that question for a while now. I narrowed down my options to processor, sheep farmer business owner- yarn fiber equipment, business owner- custom work.
Now I've done almost everything except sheep farmer and None of it completely satisfies. The animal produce more fiber than I can sell, the fiber equipment and yarn selling is as variable as a menopausal women's moods, and the custom work is petty and not very rewarding.

So what's a girl to do? Doing it all to cover the gaps is just so much work it leaves me with little time to do anything else, and honestly it doesn't bring in as much as a "normal " job.

So I am getting rid of the bunnies and alpaca and the new puppy. I am still trying to figure out whether to get out of the custom business. I've been thinking of it for a while now.

Everything I do outside of work is an excuse to avoid something. That's why I only like to craft when I have something else I'm supposed to be doing. I'm tired of avoiding whatever it is. So for a while I will have to strip away all the distractions until I figure out what I'm avoiding.

When I did my paperwork for the guard, they looked at my entrance scores and remarked that I could do anything I wanted to do. I remembered that was the feeling I got when I finished the fiber festival. I can't seem to find that feeling now but I know it's still there. The question now is..
What do I want to do?


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's so hard to say goodbye

This week I have had to say good bye to quite a few things in my life. My kids went away the weekend of may 25th but my bunnies went away weekend before last and now I have to say good bye to my job and all the people whom I've come to know. This weekend I dropped the guard out of my life as well. That's a lot of good byes. I will be saying adios to the base and all military connections...again. But there are several upsides, I get to work in my garden and paint my house, my new job pays more money and is a positive environment, there will be no break in the paychecks and I will be able to take the house payment and pay the taxes. Now anyone who knows me or has been reading the blog for a while know that every year I wind up getting a new dog And then getting rid of it. TC was too loud, and too young, Prince was a pissing machine but I persist. This year we bought a 6 month old male Yorkie. Small quiet, already 1/2 way potty trained. Silky hair and content to be in his kennel or be in my lap or on the floor next to me. We named him Tucker. Now if Mommy would just get a clue, her training would go a lot smoother.

Knitting: I'm working a finish Job for one of my most faithful customers. The spring fling was finished last week, and a black shawl will be started the end of this month. I've had to alter my quotes. I had a nasty surprise on the spring fling piece. So now my base for a knitted garment will be 100.00.
Spinning: I lent out my drop spindles to a wood working friend so they can make some and now I have a class to teach next Tuesday at Jo-Ann's in Bellevue. I'm still working on the green merino from my father- in-law, only 1 oz left. My drop spindle has been eating up the grey wool/pink blue mohair /Angelina blend I bought from Iowa sheep and wool last year. I'd go this year but I'm broke. I still have some bunny and bunny- wool blend to spin/blend/spin. I can also send my fleeces off to the mills now for the great mill search project. 3 mills, 2 fleeces each.Their mission? Process the wool, process the alpaca, blend said alpaca with a fine short wool, merino, Rambouillet, Corridale ect.

2008 Fiber show: Hooking up with the Nebraska sheep and goat as well as the Nebraska extension office.

Well that's all for now, I still have photo's to take so I can publish a previously written post.
Don't forget to listen to your podcasts and support your local artists.