Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas time!

Psst.. Hey! Come here and look at what Santa left me for Christmas. SSSHHHH, just look and don't make any noise. You don't want the others to know...

See that? Santa left that for me today! HEE HEE it's an Ashford Joy spinning wheel. I've wanted one of these for years!
And I was Such a good girl this year. I.. I... I gotta go spin. (Wait, no, must finish the blog entry)

Well the baby blanket is working out just fine, the 6 blue squares are done. Now I'm working on the multicolored ones. Don't worry I won't be behind the baby. Do you hear that?
Something is calling my name. It sounds like it's coming from the wheel... No I will finish the entry! I wonder if it will like my Schacht....
ok, must give in and spin. All spinners understand right?
Don't you? Well then You need to get one!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

girl blog 2

I know My hair is a mess but here it is..

Friday, December 16, 2005

Not about knitting

Ok tonight's entry is Not about knitting. It is a total girl blog. Couple of nights ago, my dad (who's visiting ) went x mas shopping with my hon, and picked me up a pants suit, sweater and two of those cool dresses based off Hispanic design. Rust and black.
So today I had to go shoe shopping =-) and picked out some winter white boots to match the winter white shirt I've already got... Nice lace thingy, makes me feel pretty and keeps me warm. photos.....

I love them all, though they all aren't shown here. The boots are so 80's! I love them. You probably won't even see them under the skirt. I only went window shopping on the jewelry. Darn it!
After the day I've had, these are just the thing! The kids are fighting, the sis in law is here with dad and hubby. I cleaned, I wrapped, I locked myself out of the car. Oiy! What a day!
Long bath, lotsa bubbles...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The quest for control

Control, what an elusive thing it is. Control over your life or your emotions. Maybe over your yarn buying habits, time or knitting tension. Elusive, but not unattainable. Control over your time. It's Christmas soon and I have chosen not to do the knitted gifts this year. This gives me time and peace of mind, at least in that area.
Knitting tension? I don't worry about it. I take measurements of what I want to end up with and knit to those desired sizes. Has not led me astray. Yarn buying.. I loose control in a yarn store it's ok. Knit up something and sell it, the money comes back. My sanity is more important anyway.
My emotions are the one thing I actively have to work on. Angry the project didn't come out right? Sad that the yarn didn't hold color? Frustrated I got carried away with a particular project and can't find my way back? This causes me to have unfinished projects. There are so many emotions tied up into them I just have to lay them down until I can't remember the feelings. Then I can pick them up later, see what was wrong with them and finish them off. The control is... Elusive but not unattainable. Sometimes all you need is time.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Wow have I been blogging my butt off.
The Multi scarf went to it's new home today and I can now concentrate on the baby blanket. I had to change yarns tho kiddies. The merino/silk was running out too fast. This cotton is soft and certainly machine washable. Blue and that multi color "we don't know what we're having. "
I have inherited the job of Binding Off from my two knitster girls, no biggie right? That on top of the fact that the ladies at work have been spreading the word, and the word is commission! I don't mind telling you I got the sneaking suspicion I'm gonna be busier than a one legged man...
well, you get it. But smiles all the way yeah?
I will have only one child this weekend as my teen is going off to visit her mum. It will be different without her. Hopefully this weekend EonFlux! Join me those who remember the cartoon from MTV (those of you who remember mtv being a music channel.) Ah me, that age thing again!
Anyway, all you out there in Blogging land...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not your average knitting entry

For all of you non average people out there, remember that there is always someone weirder than you. I know a lady that does not have a stash. She knits and spins and uses it all! (Ok collective gasp here!) As different as I pride myself on being, that's out there even for me. It's one of those "I've heard of people like that but never actually met one before!"
Because I know that there are no photos of me on this website, so I will tell you why I'm not average. I am an African American woman who is an accomplished spinner and knitter... In Nebraska. I've met black knitters before but few black spinners and most are not my age. (we won't go into how old I am, naughty!)
Now if all this talk about average makes you feel a little out there, just remember if your one in a million, and there are billions of people on the planet, no mater what you think feel do or look like, your not alone!