Saturday, February 24, 2007

Random musings and small projects

So now the cashmere sweater is at 11.5 inches, I need to knit 2 inches of rib on the bottom and I was about to cast on for the sleeve when I decided it was time for me to learn something new. The provisional cast on. Now I tend to knit the body and the sleeves and then go back and pick up for the ribbing 'cause I hate ribbing.( Garter stitch done sideways does a better job, but that's a try for a later time.)

So the provisional cast on is basically crocheting around a knitting needle and then knitting off the resulting stitches created. when you're ready to do the stitches for the ribbing you just unzip the crochet chain and pick up the resulting stitches.

I searched the Internet, read several different and confusing directions and finally downloaded a video on how it went. Then I gave it several tries. The first thing I figured was I can't crochet to save my life! The second thing I figured was doing it around a knitting needle was awkward at first but I got the hang of it. I then knitted a row with the real yarn and unzipped the cast on. It worked just fine. I would probably put a life line in those stitches though to make sure they didn't unravel. (Though I've been told that unraveling only happens in the direction you knit. So Maybe I don't have to worry?)

Of course I could just knit the ribbing first. I also explored some top down ideas..again.

This morning I took out my entire commercial yarn stash laid it out on my bed and looked at it. Frankly it was uninspiring. Some fuzzy yarns, some chunky yarns, some variegated ones, some furry ones, and then the standard smooth yarns for showing off stitches.
But a lot of small amounts like 2-3 balls of any color. So I went to the Knit pics site and looked through All of their patterns for ideas.
Baby items
Wash clothes
I pod cases
Coffee cozies
Mug rugs
Arm bands
Holiday ornaments
Or you could just make an Afghan.

So now I'm off again to look at my stash again with new ideas in mind. Oh and on the sweater...I'm going with garter stitch.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a few days off will get you

one finished sweater....for my daughter

Valentines appropriately celebrated..

One old project picked up again, lots of yarn spun
2 finished Jobs out the door and paid for, Oatmeal sugar cookies baked, Ghost Rider the movie seen, two escaped baby rabbits, (two newly caged baby rabbits) 5 songs purchased from I-Tunes and one family trip to the mall.
So I have been off work since Friday 330 pm and I have been working my wrists to death. I finished my sweater only to find out it fit my daughter much better than me so she has it now. It's the first one from me. Now I only have to manage one for John and me and I'll be done!
On that note I have picked up Johns grey one to finish. It needs sleeves and a collar and it's done.

A good friend of mine has finally joined the blog world. Gina a spinning student of mine has a blog called Slippin Stitches. Go check it out.. Cool huh? Yeah Gina's good people.
Guess that's all for today...Toodles!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A scene of music

This post is in the L.U.&E category because of this first paragraph.

I was listening to Sticks and String podcast"who Will Buy?" and towards the end is an instrumental piece that really got me. The first part reminded me of a beginning knitter, working step by step. First they learn knit then they learn purl, then rib then stockinette and then they are off making sweaters and things that are more and more complicated but still consisting of knit and purl. Then there is a break in the music, and it starts over again, this knitter is teaching someone else to knit and the newbie follows pretty much the same path, with the work getting more complicated as the skill grows. The music pauses again. This time the scene is of the two in a knit shop and pans back to many in a knit shop and pans back farther and farther showing growing numbers of people knitting in the town, state, country, continent, until it shows just how many knitters there are in the world, old, young, new, and experienced. The end of the music comes back to it's beginning theme, the knit and purl. This shows a child, under his mothers eye, making his first stitches. The end.

On a longer note, I am still looking to finish the armpits of the handspun seamless yoke sweater. I finished the back and collar, decided not to put ribbing on the sleeve cuffs, and decided the puckering was a design. I want to get that finished this week since Quisha and I will be sharing it. I think blocking will be a good idea.

I have spun up lot 2 of the gifted merino. Another 2 oz or so plied tighter than my normal handspun so I won't untwist it so much when I knit it. Into what I'm not sure.

I have been working on the Noro cashmere sweater and found that 1 skein makes 4 inches of body, so I will probably use 6 skeins on it, 3 skeins on the sleeves and the fourth may get eaten up just in case my measurements are off.

The babies opened their eyes last week between day 12-14, and now the larger one is trying to eat hay. they are working on their third week of life and are looking great! I let them run around the floor last night and they thought everything was interesting...even me! They are both so big they don't fit in my palm anymore. I have to hold them around their fat little middles to move them around. They still enjoy cuddling up in the bottom of my sweater though.

I picked up a new book at Page Turners last week, called the knitting path? Lots of famous people are in it, but I don't recall them being that famous when the book was published. The french knitting lady in C.A. who had a D.I.Y mini series, The lady from Knitty Gritty and some others I can't remember. Many who were just starting out on the knit scene, or were big in their own circle, but not anywhere else.(Or maybe it's just me, but this book was written in 99-2000)

I got to see my friends this Saturday as well as pick up another knit job. It was a great stress relief to see them all again.



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thing one and Thing two

Class! Class settle down, now. We have a lot to cover today so if we settle down...Thank you.

First on today's list: Photos

Thing one on the left and thing two on the right are the two surviving members of Riley's second litter. There were 6 originally.
Second on our agenda today is the MeMe we were tagged with by our own DEAWN.
THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
1-I am attracted to white guys. This is weird cause I'm not white, and I don't like black men.
2-I like to drink hot water.
3-I actually like Nebraska. (I'm originally from NY, so...)
4-I've been a christian, an atheist, and a pagan
5-I've been rich, and still unhappy.
6-I'm Loud, and aggressive and really shy
Now I need 6 people to tag: Yeah, drawing a blank there.
Now class I'm sure this isn't weird enough for you and we'll have to work on that, so there is your homework for this evening.
Third and last we will cover the swatch. This swatch is made of 100% cashmere, knit on #7 needles doing a twist with out a cable needle.
Step 1 cast on 10 stitches
Step 2 knit 1 row purl 1 row
Step 3 knit 2 stitches
Step 4 knit stitch 4, don't slip it off
Step 5 knit stitch 3 through the back of the loop, slip both off
Step 6 repeat steps 3-5 until the last two stitches
step 7 knit 2
step 8 purl all odd rows
Give it a shot and show off your swatches.
That's the bell and remember there will be a test on this material next week.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Humble Fiber Pie

Ok I have to show you what my secret pal sent me in the mail...

Yeah, I know, and all I was expecting was yarn. (sniff)
I am humbled. When I think of what I sent MY fiber pal, I feel ashamed.
I will do better next time, I promise.

Now for a description: This yarn is merino, red angelina, and Icicle. The two lower batts show the progression in carding. The second one was blended once and the third one was blended twice and the yarn was the result!
The first bat is Blue Faced Leciester and Blue Firestar. She just threw that one in..I'm not worthy!
Am I lucky or what?!

A friend of mine tagged me, so my next post I will have to answer that.
Until then...My bunny had babies! Pics of those later...Saturday makes them 1 week old.