Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh my dreams

Are never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems. They'll come true, impossible not to do, Impossible not to do. Cranberries-Dreams

How do dreams come alive? Only with the help of God. If you have ever watched the movie Evan All mighty, you will know what I'm saying. From a hobby cam another hobby. From two hobbies came an obsession. From there a dream resurfaced that I had since I was a child. From that and learning to walk with God, the dream is coming as a reality.

Since the change in my life started I have been asking people," What did you dream about doing when you were young? Then I asked them, "Why didn't you do that?" The dreams we had when we were young is the calling of our hearts. People become afraid as they grow up to follow that dream and trade their passions for safety and acceptance, money, security and control. But what does it matter if you gain the world and lose your soul?

It's hard to take that path. You will loose things and people that you thought mattered. People might laugh at you, give you every reason not to. It might not work, and all those who told you so will seem to be right. But walk with God and look at it as an adventure. Trying and failing is truly better than not trying at all. Of course God can not fail, so how can you?


Friday, August 22, 2008

Lifting me Higher

I have a Job, I have my kids, I am free and forgiven. Gods love has lifted me higher!
Independence Mall
Something I want to be able to draw, but a nice view don't cha think?

The Mamba

Worlds of fun Gospel choir
Worlds of Fun Antique cars
I have been spinning and knitting. I'm working on a vest for the youngest. Heather is is now in HONORS Orchestra and has become a bonafide crossing guard!
Quisha has blown the school out of the water taking HONORS chemistry, algebra one choir, Swim team and drama.
The lord is good to my family.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here is today's muppet news flash

We have a job. We are moving along with life. Most of our friends are good. Except one whose grandbaby died last Sunday, by falling out of a car. Please pray for her and the child's mother.

School starts soon, Quisha Heather and I are getting ready. Quisha will be in 10th , Heather will be in fifth, and I will be....frantic but proud.

The church and I went to KC last weekend. It was a blast! We went to the Peachtree restaurant for good soulfood, then to Independence mall for some shopping, and ended our trip at Worlds of Fun! There was a gospel concert that night and a sleepy ride home to follow.
I even got to watch several movies I had never seen before: Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, The Great Debaters, and First Sunday. All pretty cool.

Quisha and I made snicker doodles (sorta) Thursday while watching 10000 BC. I finally got in the pool and went swimming. I haven't done this in years. But since my situation has changed and many other things as well, I have re learned how to enjoy it.

On the knitting and spinning front, I started knitting a bag of white wool. Just a small 6 by 6. I need to get back to knitting shawls. They are so useful at work over a tank top. I have one in grey and autumn red, as well as a velvet one in a deep blue purple. But I need black white, blue, and brown. I also need some inspired patterns to go in them. I like plain stockinette but it gets old when your skills are way beyond that. Simple lace patterns are two simple and complex ones you can't take everywhere. Quisha is still working on her caplet. Coming along well with enough yarn to finish. My baby tulip cardigan is a disaster, it came out way too big and short in the body. I may just have to see if it fits someone I know. I have got to get a grip on my dimensions. I'm 5'6" 125 lbs and just not as wide and way longer than I think. I've only managed to make 1 sweater so far that actually fit me and I don't like it cause the yarn sheds. Good grief!

Spinning continues (but now only on one wheel since I gave my Schacht away) on my corriedale alpaca blend at 50/50. I now have 2 oz spun up at a worsted weight. Shawl? Maybe, I was thinking more of a jacket, but the yarn is too soft. Maybe a blanket for the winter. Maybe a present for a friend.
I may give my 8 harness loom away too. If any one wants it just holler.

Anyway life continues apace, my spiritual life has been growing in unexpected directions. I can tell my self esteem is changing as many habits I had, have been given up. I'm not sure when that happened but it's been growing for a while now. Purging anger at people I had long since forgotten about. It is so unexpected that I am shocked at the reactions after all this time, But I ask God to come and heal me at this memory and he washes away the anger and the hurt. I've also been learning that you really can ask God for your hearts desire, and that religion can be a hindrance to the journey. Sometimes the church gives people the wrong message, stay busy, become morally and spiritually pure, be humble and don't ask God for anything you want because wants get you in trouble. Jesus asked many people What is it you want? Most were sick, someone they loved was sick, or were infirm or nuts. Jesus healed them all and forgave their sins. But still we miss the point of the question, or maybe it's overshadowed by the condition these people are in. But if you want nothing from God, how can he be involved in your life? If we want nothing from life, why are we living?
Can you tell I have been reading again? John Eldridge is a great writer. But I back up what he writes by reading my bible at night. Jesus tells the disciples on his last night "You may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it." John 14:14
I know next I need to trust God with my more negative feelings doubts and questions. I'm certainly not fooling anyone pretending they don't exist.

Any way I gotta go, have a good one.