Thursday, July 10, 2008

The wilderness

I was watching a PBS special on David, King of the Israelites and they talked about how the bible has a lot of metaphors in it. I have always tried to look at the bible as a literal work but now here is a deeper meaning. One of the metaphors that struck a chord with me was Moses and the Exodus.
The exodus is a story of life on the path of God. First you are in bondage, slave to all your wants, needs, mistakes, habits, and sins. Yes you may get things out of this stage in life but it is ultimately unsatisfying. You cry out to God to save you. Then you are saved. God brings you out of slavery, darkness, and sin. Usually there is much rejoicing. Next he brings you to the wilderness. Here you will wander for a while. This is the place were LOTs of stuff happens. I often wondered "Now that I'm free, what do I do with the freedom?
1) Learn: about yourself, about God, about the truth.
2) Develop your relationship with God: pray, read the word, go to church, and apply the faith in your life.
3) Heal; the old wounds, the new wounds, purge the lies, trash, and bad habits from your life.
Pretty much what you do is cast off the old you, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and socially. Then God replaces them with the you he destined you to be in the first place. Once that happens, God will bring you into your "promised land".

Don't worry more knitting stuff next post with photos!



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