Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's so hard to say goodbye

This week I have had to say good bye to quite a few things in my life. My kids went away the weekend of may 25th but my bunnies went away weekend before last and now I have to say good bye to my job and all the people whom I've come to know. This weekend I dropped the guard out of my life as well. That's a lot of good byes. I will be saying adios to the base and all military connections...again. But there are several upsides, I get to work in my garden and paint my house, my new job pays more money and is a positive environment, there will be no break in the paychecks and I will be able to take the house payment and pay the taxes. Now anyone who knows me or has been reading the blog for a while know that every year I wind up getting a new dog And then getting rid of it. TC was too loud, and too young, Prince was a pissing machine but I persist. This year we bought a 6 month old male Yorkie. Small quiet, already 1/2 way potty trained. Silky hair and content to be in his kennel or be in my lap or on the floor next to me. We named him Tucker. Now if Mommy would just get a clue, her training would go a lot smoother.

Knitting: I'm working a finish Job for one of my most faithful customers. The spring fling was finished last week, and a black shawl will be started the end of this month. I've had to alter my quotes. I had a nasty surprise on the spring fling piece. So now my base for a knitted garment will be 100.00.
Spinning: I lent out my drop spindles to a wood working friend so they can make some and now I have a class to teach next Tuesday at Jo-Ann's in Bellevue. I'm still working on the green merino from my father- in-law, only 1 oz left. My drop spindle has been eating up the grey wool/pink blue mohair /Angelina blend I bought from Iowa sheep and wool last year. I'd go this year but I'm broke. I still have some bunny and bunny- wool blend to spin/blend/spin. I can also send my fleeces off to the mills now for the great mill search project. 3 mills, 2 fleeces each.Their mission? Process the wool, process the alpaca, blend said alpaca with a fine short wool, merino, Rambouillet, Corridale ect.

2008 Fiber show: Hooking up with the Nebraska sheep and goat as well as the Nebraska extension office.

Well that's all for now, I still have photo's to take so I can publish a previously written post.
Don't forget to listen to your podcasts and support your local artists.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

wow! that's a lot of waving? how come the bunnies? is this permanent?

and, somehow, i'm not surprised about the guard. i know how pissed you were over no bonus.

and there may be a yarn store for sale

6/06/2007 7:43 PM  

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