Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ain't that peculiar!

Peculiar as can be.

I have learned to knit without looking. So now I knit and watch TV or knit and read at the same time.
It's eerie.
I have not been spinning much. Fall weather went away last weekend and the desire to spin went with it. I have started knitting a double domed cap. White brim and dome 1. Still haven't figured out what the second one will be. Some random ideas in that direction: using the dishcloth patterns to put designs on your caps. 2 caps, two designs.

I want to knit a dragonfly baby blanket. But I have no baby to give it to.(Of course I still want one of my own, a boy to give it to.)

Speaking of more children, I had a dream (several) of being pregnant one more time. I'm still hoping, but a man in the making needs a man to make him. I'm surrounded by boys, guys and overgrown children. I have been dreaming of past males lately but those are more upsetting than informative.

Anyway I have figured out the gansey pattern I want to make. It has the intertwining trees pattern from lion brand on the tummy framed on top and bottom by bands of garter stitch. There are cables on either side of the chest and a set of stacked garter stitch diamonds in the center. The sleeves have diamond shaped cables running down the top to the elbow.
There are false seams, gussets, and welts, and the channel island cast on. It will be a nice creamy white and a beautiful sweater.(Now if I could just find a man to fit it.)

It's gonna be a long singlehood. I'm filing the papers next Thursday so technically my single hood hasn't even started. J however has started dating which is good for him. I am not taking that route again. This time I will let God choose.

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