Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inch by inch, row by row

How do I make this knitting grow? Figured gauge by stitch and row and now I find I'm off!

Oh yeah, I have a great idea to take the praying hands washcloth and use it as the center of a baby blanket. Problem is I'm using baby weight yarn instead of the worsted weight cotton and there is no gauge on the pattern and it calls for a 4.5 needle. (US or Metric?) So here I did a swatch and figured it at 6 rows per inch and 6 st per inch for a 8x8 square.

My gauge is right stitch wise but wrong row wise, so I've made 11 rows to 1 inch. at this rate the "square" will be 7.5 inch wide and 6 inches tall

So I can up my needle size to a size 7.

I can adjust the pattern so that the motif is in the middle of an 8 inch square.

I can just continue on in knitting denial.

I will start over on size 7's.