Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh my dreams

Are never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems. They'll come true, impossible not to do, Impossible not to do. Cranberries-Dreams

How do dreams come alive? Only with the help of God. If you have ever watched the movie Evan All mighty, you will know what I'm saying. From a hobby cam another hobby. From two hobbies came an obsession. From there a dream resurfaced that I had since I was a child. From that and learning to walk with God, the dream is coming as a reality.

Since the change in my life started I have been asking people," What did you dream about doing when you were young? Then I asked them, "Why didn't you do that?" The dreams we had when we were young is the calling of our hearts. People become afraid as they grow up to follow that dream and trade their passions for safety and acceptance, money, security and control. But what does it matter if you gain the world and lose your soul?

It's hard to take that path. You will loose things and people that you thought mattered. People might laugh at you, give you every reason not to. It might not work, and all those who told you so will seem to be right. But walk with God and look at it as an adventure. Trying and failing is truly better than not trying at all. Of course God can not fail, so how can you?



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