Monday, July 07, 2008

That's a pretty hairy yarn!

Over the last couple of days while waiting to become employed, I have been processing the chocolate corriedale fleece I bought from Country Dream acres.
I've learned a lot about washing fine fleeces; like you may have to get them to near boiling temp to keep that grease off, and (boiling does not always felt fleece!) Still plenty of soap. Usually what hasn't come out in the wash came out when I washed the yarn. So now what do I do with it?

This first yarn is a 50/50 blend of fawn alpaca and dark chocolate wool. It is carded: 2'ce each as an alpaca batt and a wool batt then carded 2'ce as an alpaca/wool batt, then split in 1/2 and carded once more. It drafts like a dream since the alpaca and wool are the same staple length. It's Just Hairy! Not scratchy hairy, maybe I should say more fuzzy like mohair. The color is a tweedy medium brow spun at a sport or DK weight when plied. I wonder what it will knit up like? I think just about all of my yarns are destined to be shawls, shrugs, or caps, mittens, scarves, sweaters, throws and occasionally socks. Ah well.

This weekend my oldest and I made banana bread with substitutes. We sub'ed some flour with maple and brown sugar oatmeal, sub'ed some sugar with syrup, sub'ed the butter with oil and left out the baking soda and rice milk. IT WAS STILL GOOD! We used baking powder only but the recipe calls for both. The last batch I made gave me ...gas. I thought it was the butter but....? We also used 2 banana's instead of one and added the Cinnamon and all spice. Wow.

She is also working on a lace capelet she picked off the Internet. That girl knits like a fiend! I'm so proud. (sniff) Hold on, I gotta go hide my stash...
Next weekend I think I will try my hand at pear butter. Yes I said pear, not apple.(I'm allergic) I've checked out the recipe and it looks simple enough. Cook, mash strain. Cook, add spices and sugar, store and spread when cooled.

5 year Tattoo! Have you heard about this? They are in the FDA approval stages now. A needle and ink tattoo that fades out completely in 5 years. I may get one.

Well we'll see how that goes! Stay tuned.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

a quick hint for ya in the pear butter department. If you use your crock pot on low (or medium if you have that setting), and stir it once in a while, it will work with minimal scorching. much easier than stirring constantly over a hot pot

7/10/2008 10:15 PM  

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