Saturday, July 12, 2008

Too much time on my hands

Yes that is a song title. I need to buy stock in Google for the sake of You Tube. OIY!

So now after the banana bread we have moved onto blondies. (since I cannot have chocolate) They are pretty good if a bit sweet. No subbing this time, I just followed the recipe. I must say that my oven bakes faster than the recipe calls for. Usually by 5-10 min. The Pear butter is coming but it will have to wait till tomorrow or something. Thusly as my friends say if you're baking you have too much time on your hands! Speaking of friends, another has been telling me (and proving) It's tuff having friends. So it is Jim. Donna and Jim two of my friends who are quickly becoming favorites gave me these..

On Tuesday and there are about 1/2 of them left now. Who knew eggs came in so many colors! Blue, green, and red brown .

Oh and look what else Donna does...

Isn't she amazing? That's a quilt that started in Africa, then came to America with pieces from Pennsylvania and Plattsmouth

I am almost done with the adult dream in color tulip cardigan. Lots of changes here but since I never bought the pattern I can only guess where they are. The first I think is that I have 8 colors so no repeats, the second is I going to hem the "button band" and the collar. That will take care of the stockinette curl. Photo's when I'm done, I promise. It is a knock out.

This is a yarn tomato. If you don't see it that's fine, I just had to catch it. The thing in the foreground is some of the cardigan.

Inspired by my daughters first project, a need for a dress purse for church, and an upcoming trip to Worlds of Fun, my next project will be a 4X4 white wool bag.Speaking of the oldest, her birthday was thursday. Now she is officially 15. Where did I hide those car keys....

Speaking of church, I have been made secretary for the new Salem Commitment Academy. I am also in charge of organising and planning the final graduation ceremony.(March 2009). I'm not bragging, I'm more going What did I get myself into? But if I can pull off a fiber show, I can do this, God willing.

Today is a beautiful day and I hope you all got to enjoy it. I know I did!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

liam turns 16 a week after school starts, but he doesn't even have his learner's permit yet. his grades were crap. however, with him passing summer school, things are starting to look up. he had to pass in order to march this fall. now, if he passes this fall, i guess i'd better take him down to get his permit. sheesh.

clear the sidewalks!

7/12/2008 9:03 PM  
Blogger kaicevy said...

(March 2009)

7/22/2008 12:28 PM  

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