Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A new day has dawned

In our continuing journey for the ultimate fiber adventure we have begun to look at the dog a little funny. Don't panic, he's a Scottish terrier mix and his hair is.. Well a little hairy!

So on to the spinning yarns that I promised and the bag I mentioned before and... and... Well you get the drill! Before we get to the photo's I had the honor of knitting with some pretty cool Teens last night at our knitster meeting. They rocked! Tawnie and her sister are brunette and blonde 15 and 13, and just so cool to be around! I'm bringing my teen next Tuesday so she can meet them. One knits and the other crochets.
Ok now for the pictures!

This last photo is of my oldest teen Christine! She is surrounded by two of our 5 guitars and 1 keyboard along with other music Stuff.
The stroll in the park turned into a racy day at the track! Whew.
All you wonderful people out there, remember to live, love, and Knit!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Good Day to Blog!

First I must say that the camera is not really broke, nor is the camera person off for the night. I will give you photos.

What you are seeing is the multi scarf, the yarn for the baby blanket, and a gift my boss bought me today for X-mas. Isn't she sweet? Does anyone else see the flaw in the scarf? There is only one yellow. There should be two. Oh well.
Yes we thought so too. Next time I will get the singles yarn photo'ed. Tonight is my knitter meeting. I have been made the third muskteer. Saturday I got my present from my knit friends, an orange carry all with yarn and needles embroidered on it. We all have one! I'm so honored. And now, a little on that other subject that hasn't gone away.....It hasn't gone away.
Moving on Thanksgiving was good, I will not give details but everybody had fun and now we are looking forward to my dad's visit in December.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Last time on snarled yarns..

The heartbreak was a good thing ladies and gents. This blogger needed to back off and get a grip! The relations are still going but we've gone from a wild coaster ride to a romantic boat trip or a stroll in the garden. Are we just friends? Who knows, and if so that's good too. However I must say I hope not.
Now for something you'll really enjoy! Knitting and spinning.
The multicolor scarf is complete, just needs weaving in the ends and blocking. The hat is bound off and paid for, the baby blanket is on the needles and now we take you live to the spinning, Jenny?
The spinning singles for lace continues, I have 3.5 oz and estimating 100 yds to the oz, that makes 350yds. I only need another 350 and we can begin.
The camera man has the night off and that's tonight's blog.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Today I have had my heartbroken. After several weeks of a rollercoaster, the ride was abruptly ended. The slow down and end took all of 8 hours. I went from pleased to be to being ready to cry and fight. Tomorrow I will call in sick, with a broken heart. Maybe some spinning will help.
Speaking of spinning almost all of my yarn (except 1 skein) was sold. My knitted items 2 out of 5 went. I made 109.00 but after you deduct expenses, fees, and cost of goods sold(accounting major here.) I made 20.00
What a load of TRIPE!
Hot chocolate, it soothes the pain....

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Like a hole in the head!

Ok today I went to Mangelsons cause they were having a 75% sale...On yarn among many other things. I bought 6 balls of machine washable wool in blues, 4 balls of Joe sharp cotton in red and white, and two balls of Galloway in light brown and orange-ish. What I wanted to to say here was.. I Need More Yarn Like I Need a Hole in the Head! What is Wrong with me? $61.00 was only because I have a tax free permit and a small basket. I already had put back 6 balls of other yarns. (And was secretly kicking myself)
But enough of that, the spin meeting at wild oats was cool! Almost all of my guests showed up. I was so proud. I hope that they keep it up. Even one I didn't expect came. She is to be blamed for the sale, SHE told me about it. She even beat me there this morning!
Today I also got my bagging and tagging done for the show. So more news after Saturday.(That's when the show is) Haven't I mentioned the show? The Omaha Weaver and spinners guild puts on their annual show, and as a member, I get to sell stuff! So this Saturday I will get some space in my tote and maybe some more yarn money!
Oh yeah and LACE! I can now read lace patterns and knit them too! I bought that wildfoote sock yarn, and a set of size 4 needles and a lace pattern (that is too easy but pretty). I went to lionbrand dot com and found a more interesting one. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the realization of the dream. I pursued knitting with the goal of knitting lace. I spin fine yarns with the goal of.. you got it, knitting lace. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wow has it been a while!

Ok lets catch up. The purse is done, the multi hat is done, the suede hat needs to be bound off, and the mitten has been turned into a pouch. I made a knockaround sweater for my seven year old and it turned into a tunic dress! She wore it one day to school and all the ends worked their way out and one seam came loose.\/.
I bought 10.5 bamboo dpn's and sold them 3 days later. Today I replaced them with gold plated circular 000's. Lace knitting here I come! (right after the multi colored scarf, Baby blanket, seat cover, and 13 year olds sweater) The 19th is the OWSG show. I will be selling there I think. Tomorrow is a federal holiday and I am off to see the boys. (My two alpaca boys in Murray, Ne) I have set about spinning lace weight white romney and black BL lamb. (a handspun lace project, ssshhh!)
I bought Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn is 2 colorways and a Fibertrends easy lace pattern. I immediately discovered a mistake in the pattern, and that my size 3's weren't gonna cut it. It says size 1 or 2 for the yarn but the 3 felt too tight.
Hello Erin if you are reading this and congrats on the hat. I dropped your name at String of purls today and got a new look! ( I'm sure it wasn't cause I was putting yarn back on the shelf instead of buying it.)
On an old project note I found that my first attempt at fair isle should have been entralac instead. The project will be frogged and restarted. The vest of the same yarn and start date will also be recycled.