Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A scene of music

This post is in the L.U.&E category because of this first paragraph.

I was listening to Sticks and String podcast"who Will Buy?" and towards the end is an instrumental piece that really got me. The first part reminded me of a beginning knitter, working step by step. First they learn knit then they learn purl, then rib then stockinette and then they are off making sweaters and things that are more and more complicated but still consisting of knit and purl. Then there is a break in the music, and it starts over again, this knitter is teaching someone else to knit and the newbie follows pretty much the same path, with the work getting more complicated as the skill grows. The music pauses again. This time the scene is of the two in a knit shop and pans back to many in a knit shop and pans back farther and farther showing growing numbers of people knitting in the town, state, country, continent, until it shows just how many knitters there are in the world, old, young, new, and experienced. The end of the music comes back to it's beginning theme, the knit and purl. This shows a child, under his mothers eye, making his first stitches. The end.

On a longer note, I am still looking to finish the armpits of the handspun seamless yoke sweater. I finished the back and collar, decided not to put ribbing on the sleeve cuffs, and decided the puckering was a design. I want to get that finished this week since Quisha and I will be sharing it. I think blocking will be a good idea.

I have spun up lot 2 of the gifted merino. Another 2 oz or so plied tighter than my normal handspun so I won't untwist it so much when I knit it. Into what I'm not sure.

I have been working on the Noro cashmere sweater and found that 1 skein makes 4 inches of body, so I will probably use 6 skeins on it, 3 skeins on the sleeves and the fourth may get eaten up just in case my measurements are off.

The babies opened their eyes last week between day 12-14, and now the larger one is trying to eat hay. they are working on their third week of life and are looking great! I let them run around the floor last night and they thought everything was interesting...even me! They are both so big they don't fit in my palm anymore. I have to hold them around their fat little middles to move them around. They still enjoy cuddling up in the bottom of my sweater though.

I picked up a new book at Page Turners last week, called the knitting path? Lots of famous people are in it, but I don't recall them being that famous when the book was published. The french knitting lady in C.A. who had a D.I.Y mini series, The lady from Knitty Gritty and some others I can't remember. Many who were just starting out on the knit scene, or were big in their own circle, but not anywhere else.(Or maybe it's just me, but this book was written in 99-2000)

I got to see my friends this Saturday as well as pick up another knit job. It was a great stress relief to see them all again.




Blogger Gina said...

So what is Page Turners? Is that here in Omaha, I have never heard of that store. This is Gina by the way, I missed everyone on Saturday, fiasco with the cat and all.

2/13/2007 11:24 AM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

when did pageturners start carrying ANYTHING knitting that was decent? i always ran across those sweaters from the 70's that sent me screaming out of the store.

and happy valentine's day to you too!

send me an email, i got news about jennifer

2/14/2007 8:36 AM  

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