Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not your average knitting entry

For all of you non average people out there, remember that there is always someone weirder than you. I know a lady that does not have a stash. She knits and spins and uses it all! (Ok collective gasp here!) As different as I pride myself on being, that's out there even for me. It's one of those "I've heard of people like that but never actually met one before!"
Because I know that there are no photos of me on this website, so I will tell you why I'm not average. I am an African American woman who is an accomplished spinner and knitter... In Nebraska. I've met black knitters before but few black spinners and most are not my age. (we won't go into how old I am, naughty!)
Now if all this talk about average makes you feel a little out there, just remember if your one in a million, and there are billions of people on the planet, no mater what you think feel do or look like, your not alone!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

do you ever go to SoP Knit Night on Thursdays? i would LOVE to meet you in person, you sound like my kinda gal. my fiance is a musician as well, and my son is taking guitar lessons. and while i am a white girl in nebraska, who knits AND crochets AND spins (i'm a triple threat!), i don't think of myself as average. for one, i'm the total opposite of the woman you mentioned. i have reached SABLE. and i'm only 39. i think of it as an investment toward the future, lol

12/01/2005 7:59 PM  

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