Friday, December 02, 2005

Wow have I been blogging my butt off.
The Multi scarf went to it's new home today and I can now concentrate on the baby blanket. I had to change yarns tho kiddies. The merino/silk was running out too fast. This cotton is soft and certainly machine washable. Blue and that multi color "we don't know what we're having. "
I have inherited the job of Binding Off from my two knitster girls, no biggie right? That on top of the fact that the ladies at work have been spreading the word, and the word is commission! I don't mind telling you I got the sneaking suspicion I'm gonna be busier than a one legged man...
well, you get it. But smiles all the way yeah?
I will have only one child this weekend as my teen is going off to visit her mum. It will be different without her. Hopefully this weekend EonFlux! Join me those who remember the cartoon from MTV (those of you who remember mtv being a music channel.) Ah me, that age thing again!
Anyway, all you out there in Blogging land...


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