Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The quest for control

Control, what an elusive thing it is. Control over your life or your emotions. Maybe over your yarn buying habits, time or knitting tension. Elusive, but not unattainable. Control over your time. It's Christmas soon and I have chosen not to do the knitted gifts this year. This gives me time and peace of mind, at least in that area.
Knitting tension? I don't worry about it. I take measurements of what I want to end up with and knit to those desired sizes. Has not led me astray. Yarn buying.. I loose control in a yarn store it's ok. Knit up something and sell it, the money comes back. My sanity is more important anyway.
My emotions are the one thing I actively have to work on. Angry the project didn't come out right? Sad that the yarn didn't hold color? Frustrated I got carried away with a particular project and can't find my way back? This causes me to have unfinished projects. There are so many emotions tied up into them I just have to lay them down until I can't remember the feelings. Then I can pick them up later, see what was wrong with them and finish them off. The control is... Elusive but not unattainable. Sometimes all you need is time.


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