Friday, December 16, 2005

Not about knitting

Ok tonight's entry is Not about knitting. It is a total girl blog. Couple of nights ago, my dad (who's visiting ) went x mas shopping with my hon, and picked me up a pants suit, sweater and two of those cool dresses based off Hispanic design. Rust and black.
So today I had to go shoe shopping =-) and picked out some winter white boots to match the winter white shirt I've already got... Nice lace thingy, makes me feel pretty and keeps me warm. photos.....

I love them all, though they all aren't shown here. The boots are so 80's! I love them. You probably won't even see them under the skirt. I only went window shopping on the jewelry. Darn it!
After the day I've had, these are just the thing! The kids are fighting, the sis in law is here with dad and hubby. I cleaned, I wrapped, I locked myself out of the car. Oiy! What a day!
Long bath, lotsa bubbles...


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