Monday, November 28, 2005

Last time on snarled yarns..

The heartbreak was a good thing ladies and gents. This blogger needed to back off and get a grip! The relations are still going but we've gone from a wild coaster ride to a romantic boat trip or a stroll in the garden. Are we just friends? Who knows, and if so that's good too. However I must say I hope not.
Now for something you'll really enjoy! Knitting and spinning.
The multicolor scarf is complete, just needs weaving in the ends and blocking. The hat is bound off and paid for, the baby blanket is on the needles and now we take you live to the spinning, Jenny?
The spinning singles for lace continues, I have 3.5 oz and estimating 100 yds to the oz, that makes 350yds. I only need another 350 and we can begin.
The camera man has the night off and that's tonight's blog.


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