Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A new day has dawned

In our continuing journey for the ultimate fiber adventure we have begun to look at the dog a little funny. Don't panic, he's a Scottish terrier mix and his hair is.. Well a little hairy!

So on to the spinning yarns that I promised and the bag I mentioned before and... and... Well you get the drill! Before we get to the photo's I had the honor of knitting with some pretty cool Teens last night at our knitster meeting. They rocked! Tawnie and her sister are brunette and blonde 15 and 13, and just so cool to be around! I'm bringing my teen next Tuesday so she can meet them. One knits and the other crochets.
Ok now for the pictures!

This last photo is of my oldest teen Christine! She is surrounded by two of our 5 guitars and 1 keyboard along with other music Stuff.
The stroll in the park turned into a racy day at the track! Whew.
All you wonderful people out there, remember to live, love, and Knit!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snarled Yarns.. and i was looking for snarled yams... go figure...hope your knitting continues to go well.

11/30/2005 5:17 PM  

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