Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wow has it been a while!

Ok lets catch up. The purse is done, the multi hat is done, the suede hat needs to be bound off, and the mitten has been turned into a pouch. I made a knockaround sweater for my seven year old and it turned into a tunic dress! She wore it one day to school and all the ends worked their way out and one seam came loose.\/.
I bought 10.5 bamboo dpn's and sold them 3 days later. Today I replaced them with gold plated circular 000's. Lace knitting here I come! (right after the multi colored scarf, Baby blanket, seat cover, and 13 year olds sweater) The 19th is the OWSG show. I will be selling there I think. Tomorrow is a federal holiday and I am off to see the boys. (My two alpaca boys in Murray, Ne) I have set about spinning lace weight white romney and black BL lamb. (a handspun lace project, ssshhh!)
I bought Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn is 2 colorways and a Fibertrends easy lace pattern. I immediately discovered a mistake in the pattern, and that my size 3's weren't gonna cut it. It says size 1 or 2 for the yarn but the 3 felt too tight.
Hello Erin if you are reading this and congrats on the hat. I dropped your name at String of purls today and got a new look! ( I'm sure it wasn't cause I was putting yarn back on the shelf instead of buying it.)
On an old project note I found that my first attempt at fair isle should have been entralac instead. The project will be frogged and restarted. The vest of the same yarn and start date will also be recycled.


Blogger TitaniumRose said...

You mean to tell me you were there and didn't stay for sit & knit? How could you! =) I'll have to remember to bring Yoda with me on Tuesday along with all of the other stuff I'm supposed to haul in - he turned out great.

Have fun with the fluffy ones!

11/11/2005 6:52 AM  

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