Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plant one on me

This weekend started off with a sad but inevitable note. I sent Scotch to the Humane society this morning. I cannot afford to keep an animal that does nothing for me. The cages were then re distributed, and the whole basement cleaned. Next I took the girls to the Omaha Botanical Garden plant show and sale. We bought a membership and 3 plants I can't remember the name of, for the side garden. From there we came home and checked the flyer on the Military Appreciation Day at the Q-West Center. It started at 12 so we went through the old market farmers market before moseying down to the Q-West.
The kids saw a live bald eagle and got to go on a couple of those inflatable rides but when it came to the rock wall, there were too many complications and we just left. Un-discouraged, we went to Planet X on 84th and Center. We had a marvelous cheese pizza(A large and there were4 of us and we devoured it!) got to climb the rock wall as well as played a bunch of other games and earned some candy!

By then I was worn out and we came home. At 4, I took a trip to Springfield to look at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds for next years show. I'm sold. The buildings are heated and AC'ed, have bathrooms in them, one even has a kitchen, and there are barns for the animals. The price is higher than the VFW hall but not much so and we're getting a lot for it. I need to make a few contacts to get help paying for this but it should be do-able!

When I got back, I picked out spots for my new plants and planted them. I also did some weeding an noticed that the yellow rose I planted might not be dead after all. I fertilized it so we will see. On the plants for the front of the yard I may have to do something different. The shrubs I bought at Lowe's did not do so well in the downpour we had a couple of weeks ago. I thought if I gave them a chance to dry out they would survive, but no. I looked at a couple more rhoddies and many other plants today but to no avail. Does anyone know how to propagate rhoddies?

Anyway I need a shower and some dinner, so
Tune in next time when we have 3 new podcasts from our favorite people, more knitting spinning and planting to report, and a full belly!



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