Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Large and in charge..of Chaos

Well as usual here we are, it's raining and I haven't posted for a bit so lets get the usual update out of the way.
Green cashmere sweater-need to call customer up and get a fit done.

Baby surplice Jacket-gauge is 5 stitches /4 ridges in garter stitch so I think this is gonna be bigger than I planned. Still not up to the sleeves yet but happily knitting away.

Baby jacket out of my head- needs 3 more inches of fabric across the chest. Will have to pick up the edges and knit out some more.

Spinning- yeah, haven't been on that yet.

Fiber show-driving me up a wall. I wonder if people realize I have spent 800.00 of my own money on this and will be spending another 300.00 when they want to do things like cancel on me and can't understand why I'm a little upset!

Job search- for that one who wants to know, Interview tomorrow at 4, headhunter agency has referred my resume to 5 different firms with 1 response. No call from Mutual but my inside friend told me not to worry, the government doesn't have the patent on SLOW! Applied for 2 Gov't Auditing positions this week.

All right now I had pictures but the camera and the computer are having a fight..Stop that! Put that USB cord down Right NOW! Sorry where was I? Oh yeah,
So today I am home taking care of some loose ends, bunnies, cleaning, guard stuff (did I tell you they put me in charge? What were they thinking?).

My 14 year old turned 15 this Friday, the whole family came over to celebrate..That girl earned the same in one day, that I do working. Yes that's a lot. Then she spent the next day with her mom and blew 1/2 of it clothes shopping at the mall. Go figure. Happy birthday kiddo! I got her flowers.

Quisha had her eye exam, looks like she will take after her father. She doesn't need glasses and probably won't. (One of the good things about that pairing)

The Munchkin is in and out of trouble at school. Typical end of the year stuff. Can't really blame her. Her birthday will be just after I come back from KS. I will get her something...

Oh I have another Knit Job. This one is out of Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience 2: Purl
Its called the Not Knit Round Scarf. If anyone has this book could I borrow it?
The yarn is cotton twist ordered from the Yarn Market. Looks like a simple job.

Well That's all. I gotta go finish the rest of those loose ends and lunch too.
Hey have you ever vacuumed UNDER your couch? Whoa!




Blogger dragon knitter said...

if you need any non-financial help, lemme know! sounds like you're busy as hell right now! happy birthday to all wee ones (i know, they're not so wee any more. i discovered that liam is actually a full foot taller than his grandmother (it's a combo of him growing and her shrinking, lol))

4/25/2007 5:11 AM  

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