Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's a mad mad mad mad...

Well you get the picture.

First off lets just say that I got dissed by my friends today. Went to wild oats and no one was there. That's ok though 'cause I went to Famous Dave's and had some lunch.

Now I had the pleasure to put my hands on a great fleece from Dianne, at Country dream acres. She has a Corridale/Columbia cross that was to die for! Long staple length fine crimp and clean! She coats her sheep as she is a hand spinner as well. I've been running my hands through it just for the Joy. There were 2 other fleeces left, I think they were pure Corridales.(all White) and they run at 5.00 per lb.

On the EZ front, I was looking to buy the knitters almanac or the workshop book but have decided against it. I knit a baby sweater for a coworker using a simple lace pattern of

k1, yo k1, sl k2tog psso, yo k1, across the row, purl back across.

next 4 rows knit in stockinette stitch(I did 8)

repeat row 1.

When you're done it kind of gives you the impression of cables. (it's the decrease) Looks kinda cool.

I used Bernats Cottentot doubled on size 10 needles. I cast on only 16 inches worth of stitches and knit it to 12 inches for a collar. I used the EZ modular pattern for the tomtem jacket.

I have photos....

The Gift yarn in colors The sweater..after.

This past Friday I watched 'Quisha kick her way to a High Green Belt! Way to go kiddo!
Heather is the teachers assistant in violin and finally got her act together in regular class. PTC is Thursday.

I have torn up both the raised beds around tree one and what used to be tree two. The wet weather has helped enormously. I pulled many weed roots, saved an Iris that looks to be doing well, and tomorrow I will buying the logs from Home Depot (on sale 1.99 per) and making new square raised beds. The rose I saved last year seems to have given up the ghost and the yellow one I planted last year doesn't look like it will be putting in an appearance either. The other two however are doing fine showing signs of life as are all my lillies, Iris, and Tulips. The one rhododendron I bought on a whim(fast growing full sunlight) is still here and still green. So I only have to replace 5 of them and buy 6 more for the top row. That and painting the house and we will be good to go this year. Well my new blisters are calling. Gotta go.


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