Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Beautiful Day

Mary J Blige wrote:

- I woke up this morning opened up my eyes and prayed,
lord cuz it's a beautiful day, no matter what nobody say
even though it's cloudy I can see the sun rays oh,
cuz it's a beautiful day no matter what nobody say
cuz it's a beautiful day, a beautiful day

That song got me through a few tough times, as well as happy ones. I had my second interview today.
Another one called
Testimony was useful around 415 when I got a call saying I hadn't been selected. I also got the official letter of RIF from work today.

That and I am just so worn out. My daughters Museum night was tonight. The little stinker had her pieces in the showcase and in the art auction. Another teacher had her scheduled for a violin piece during the showcase. I had to kabosh that, I'm way too tired. But I'm really proud of her and took her out to dinner at Village Inn for a treat.

The trip to the funeral and back saw the front left of the shrug done. I'm almost done with the right front but have had to rip it back several times for various mistakes. So I need a rest for real. I'll start working on it again Saturday. Also Saturday evening I will be looking at the Springfield fairgrounds. This place will be more expensive but it's more space. We are also going to make the classes pre register. I will probably have to join several new clubs to pull in some resources. But first things first.




Blogger dragon knitter said...

wow. no luck with mutual either, eh? real suckage. glad to hear the music thing went well.

and don't feel bad about not coming tonight. nobody else made it but me! Carin overslept, Eliza hurt herself (she tried to PICK UP HER 80 lb LAB!), and, well, we know where Deawn is. it's ok, i got to chat with a friend i haven't seen since i left OTC.

5/17/2007 8:24 PM  

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