Monday, March 19, 2007

Golden afternoon

It has been a while since I blogged and there is lots to tell.
The baby bunnies are getting bigger, I think I have one girl (thing one) and one boy( thing two). The adults are in molt so I'm in fiber heaven and they're in he**.
The spinning is going nicely I have all of the color pieces spun up from my gift wool. All that's left is the greens.

I got over the shrinking of the sweater and went ahead and pitched it. There will be others.

I have been perusing many other blogs and noticed the cross over funk seems to be giving way. (The cross over funk is when you want to do spring stuff but it's just not spring enough yet.)

Guard was fun in retrospect, I am in Officer school now and it's tougher than I thought. We lost one person the first weekend. I also have 2 papers due and a ton of other misc. homework.

The Bellevue Fiber Festival was advertised in Spin Off magazine, so was spinning for pay and the sale of a Patrick Green carder and picker for 25,000.00 There is also a home based wheel manufacturing business for sale...hmmm.

I have been reviewing my options and trying to figure out exactly what I want farm,Processing business, retail store. I decided I want it all! Any one want to go into business with me?

My daughter Heather got into some major trouble at school last week: stealing, lying, and general disruptiveness. We had to tan the butt, remove the sweets and the game system. She calmed down by Friday.

A friend of mine told me my picture is in the OPS newsletter. WOW! Any one who's got a copy...
I'm thinking of having a fiber meeting Saturday afternoon at Wild Oats.(or is it Whole Foods now?)
The cashmere sweater Job is still on the sleeve. The cotton gansey Job is down to the side seams.
Blue denim sweater designed with garter and stockinette columns with diamonds in seed stitch. Pretty neat except for the dye lot problems the lady had.

I cleaned up 2 of my gardens and around my tree in the back yard. I have decided that I need to make a raised bed around the tree because the roots are too big for the old setup. I also nipped my roses and Lilly's back as they are already going green. I'll have to do the front gardens and the trees next. Painting this late spring or early summer.

Our old modem died and a new one was purchased. (We likes it!) That's kinda why you haven't heard from me.(It was tricksy, going down at odd times.)

Recently the 30 anniversary of Star Wars came and their will be stamps. (Has anyone else noticed the change in the ending of Jedi? The spirit of Anniken is now the kid from the new ones.)
Anyway I hope you enjoyed the warming weather we've been having. If not, Get off the computer and get outside!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

i tried to leave a comment on the most recent post, but it wouldn't let me, sigh.

i was at wild oats from 1-2. the boys got restless at that point (sean hadn't brought in a book, and kept threatening to steal liam's, sigh), so we had to go. sorry i missed you!

i've started spinning up the lincoln, and it's pretty!

3/24/2007 10:20 PM  

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