Thursday, April 26, 2007

How many stitches is that?

If I ever become a pattern designer my company will be called Lazy Gauge Patterns.
I hate gauge. I have been working on the Baby surplice jacket and have just found after 7 inches of garter stitch that my gauge is way off! 4 st/ridges per inch instead of 5.5
Now I sat back and did some math: directions -cast on 140 stitches (25 inches), knit 2 rows, yarn over design for buttons, knit 4 ridges, next row begin shaping decreasing 2 per row every other row Down To 100 Stitches.
In my language it should say cast on 25 inches in your gauge (109 stitches) blah blah blah
Decrease 32 stitches (2 every other row. This takes 16 rows). your piece should measure roughly 5 inches. ( 6 if you include the increases for back shaping and then decrease them out as well.)
You now have 3-4 inches left to do arms. See was that so hard? Tell me how big the piece is at the different stages. I'll worry about My gauge you worry about yours.
So now I can rip or continue knitting and wash it for shrinkage. It is unmercerised cotton.

This Saturday I am looking at picking up another knitting Job. This one is a rush to be done before June 1. The Yarn came in for my other job and a friend at my Tuesday night knit club at Mangelsons has the Purl book I need and will let me borrow it.

Lastly the job thing- I went on the interview yesterday, it went fine. I have one Friday with another company where I'm interviewing for 2 positions.
Gotta go...



Blogger dragon knitter said...

because i so rarely use the yarn called for in a pattern, i like schematics myself. in fact, i'm hard-pressed to do a pattern that doesn't have schematics of some sort.

i will put the festival on my blog if you tell me addy, dates & times.

4/26/2007 10:45 AM  

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