Saturday, January 27, 2007

100 posts!

The last post made 100 and to celebrate I have some photo's around here somewhere...
The purse. Thank you 'Quisha
(I just unloaded my camera so there may be duplicates from other posts.)

From left to right brown CVM, white Romney wool, handpainted Merino, white Angora, red Ashland bay, white Angora wool blend. A tribute to my A.D.D.

The Merino before I sent it off. There is more being spun up as we speak as I said.

The sweater in pieces before it was put together. It's a lot darker than the photo came out. This looks like a steel grey when it's actually black.
I just got done weaving in the ends and sewing up one of the arms. I tried it on again and it seems that the back is shorter than the front so I will have to do the shaping, and it doesn't pooch so much in front now that it's longer.
Today I picked up 2 new jobs both from the same person. I am finishing a knitting job and making a sweater from scratch out of...get this ...Green cashmere from Noro! Yeah, how could I say no to that?
I am such a Ho sometimes.
Well got to go it's 1100 pm and I am bushed...Baby(yes that is a racial joke, yes you can laugh)


Blogger dragon knitter said...

woohoo! happy 100! i missed my blogiversary, myself, and we wont' discuss the number of posts i have (i'm a blabber mouth).

the purse turned out cute, and i wanna see you in that sweater! looks great!

you and your spinning ADD, i have spinning, knitting & crochet ADD. i was looking at all the occupied bobbins i have, and i about got sick!

1/28/2007 6:50 PM  
Blogger deawn said...

Because I care, I've tagged you for the latest goofy-ass meme, which you can read all about on my blog:

And of course, I miss you at SnB. Please make an appearance soon!

1/30/2007 1:33 AM  

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