Friday, January 26, 2007


I sent off my secret pals fiber and gift. wich she got and posted about here. So now I can officially talk about it.
It was a blast to spin and it came out so fine on my drop spindle. I was suprised that it was only like 1/2 oz. I will send more next time.

I took the roving and split it into lengths and then ran then together once on the drum card. I like the results better.
None of my knitting has grown except the Job. I have finished knitting it and only need to add fringe. In case you're wondering this is a 7.5 inch wide scarf made in prism and katrina. It is 76 inches long and knit in stockinette. The Job before that was a seed stitch jacket in brown and black classic elite alpaca.
My own sweater is up to the back of the neck shaping and I no longer trust the directions. I did try it on though and was impressed and dissapointed. It warmed me immediatly and was softer than I thought. Unfortunatly, my decrease rounds were too tight and they make the yoke pucker. Also I think it wasn't long enough in the torso 'cause it rides up and pooches in the front. This may be fixed with the back of the neck shaping and more knitting. I then noticed the opening was 2 inches from the edge of my shoulders. It is however sturdy and way lighter than anything I have made in commercial yarns. Go T'! Over all I'm kinda impressed.

I bought my rabbit a new cage and set the younger one on the bottom and now she's gone spastic. It must be something about the position, cause now Riley is on top and she is calmer. I may move them around so they are in the back an the boys are in the front. I've said that before but boys spray and I haven't figured out how to fix that other than spend more money on urine guards.


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