Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

If you live in Nebraska, then you know it’s snowing. There you go Gina, Your kids got their wish.

I have found that procrastination does no good in the face of good friends. Saturday events conspired against me and instead of bringing the handspun sweater all I had was the Job. Well, it was a good thing, because while talking with my older ladies group, I remembered how to pick up seed stitch and found that I really did know how to finish this. (I had picked up the bottom edge on my handspun sweater and because of the cast on I used, I had big holes. I was beginning to doubt my skillz) so now all the Job needs is the collar picked up and knit, and the buttons sewn on. Piece of cake.

Because of the snow I may not be able to get this or the next Job out to the owners. We will see. Time is certainly not an excuse.

Lets see what every one else did. The Yarn Harlot surpassed her Knitters With Out Boarders goal in like 3 days, Deawn came back to Nebraska from Canada, (blame her for the snow) The Panopticon gave his sister’s baby to be a democratic sweater. I think Brooklyn Tweed and Knitter Guy went west for the holidays; Annie Modiset is celebrating Chanukah and Christmas while selling her house. (We’re selling ours too.) Most of our podcasting friends are spinning, knitting, and being generally yarn obsessed. (Minnie, I figured out how to listen to the girls, I have to do it at home.) David of Sticks and String just had his sister pass so you might want to send some love.

The fiber show has picked up again; Yesterday I got the printed copy of my interview with the Nebraska Sheep and Goat. I’m having a hard time getting the IK advertisements off. I also have been playing around with software to get the pamphlets up and the classes finalized with materials, times, and costs. Please contact me if you would like to be a vendor, and pass the word around; May 11-13 2007 Bellevue.

On the needles, the handspun sweater almost had its second sleeve but the yarn was thicker than I used on the first sleeve. I frogged it, got out all the yarn I have for this project in search of thinner fare. I think I have found a ball that will continue the lacy effect. The thicker stuff is for the upper chest. This sweater is based on the Eliz Zimmerman seamless sweater pattern. It has gone very quickly and Happily.
Another project is the baby jacket. I bought pink Lionbrand homespun for the project. When I tried it out on # 10’s it was too tight. So I broke out the # 13’s but have not cast on yet.
J’s sweater is next, hopefully by February. Since I already have his measurements, I can just start it. I refuse to tell him when because I don’t want to deal with the pressure.

The wheel has been slowly coming back to life. After getting all that angora, I didn’t know what to do with it. Spinning it by itself was just tedious. I have a lot of Icelandic down in oatmeal and the bunny is a brownish grey. The down is short like maybe 2-3 inches long. I broke out my cotton cards and blended them 50/50 and spun it up in a sports weight yarn. It’s so soft, I can’t think of what to do with it. I could sell it since the exotic fibers are “In”. I have also been spinning some red multicolor Louet roving, and some plain white Romney.

I also have been listening to some audio books from I tunes. The first was The Shop on Blossom Street and now we move on to A Good Yarn.
Well like many I’m sick, so I’m going to get something hot and medicated.
Toodles, and Happy New Year!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

happy new year to you, too! the boys were so thrilled with the snow, that around lunchtime they went outside and had a snowball fight. i even have pics of liam trying to juggle snowballs.

12/31/2006 5:20 PM  

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