Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Journey of 1000 miles....

Today was a lesson. In what I'm not quite sure but I feel moved. This morning I was inconvenienced by the OPS bus problem. Angry I was looking for someone to blame, but I have come to the conclusion that it was no ones fault, it was just life. I went on with the rest of the day and didn't let it get to me.
As I searched for a place to hold the fiber fest I took J's suggestion and tried the VFW. I talked to a man who wanted to tell me all about his health problems. I was patient, having worked at the VA med center. When I went to tour the hall this evening, he told me he had just been diagnosed with aggressive bone marrow cancer in September. He is 73 and spent 38 years in the service. I met his wife and listened while he told me about how the 8 kids they raised, none of them ones they had together, turned out just fine. All of them have major careers on the east coast. One of them works for NASA. One of the things I learned was that they enforced the idea of respect for each other in their family. Something I have not been doing. I don't wonder at some of the bouts of disrespect my husband gets from the kids, and I know that some of it comes from my actions.

Bored and desperate for a podcast, I went back and listened to the first or second podcast from Cast On. One of the songs she played was to become a theme song for another podcast, and another is one I just heard on David Reidy's Sticks and String. Instead of thinking about how people can't be original enough to pick their own music, I was struck by how much of a community has been created and how we are all connected. It warmed my heart and made me remember that we are never alone.

As I listened to the podcast and thought about knitting, I "cast a loving gaze" over to my handspun sweater. I can't wait to finish it. I have some ideas on embellishments but i am proud that it has not been changed from it's original intent. It's hard to knit an object and not have ideas about how to improve it or make it something else. It's really hard to make what I started out making. To realize the idea was fine just the way it was. Sorta like vegetables raw, fruit without dip, or just me in plain clothes.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

my kids don't ride the bus, thank goodness. since we asked for liam to go to l&c, they wont't transport him, and while they would transport sean, what's the point? i did see a lot of kids waiting on corners this morning, though, and 2 stalled busses. oy.

1/16/2007 9:45 PM  

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