Friday, September 01, 2006

More fun than a barrel seat foot massage

Hu-rah! I joined the Army national Guard this week, and am feeling VERY motivated. Just wait, first training is next weekend and I'm gonna be crying!
Tomorrow is my birthday I will be....NONE of anyone's business! just a year older and closer to perfection.
Thursday night was a great knit meet at the LYS. I am still not done with the shawl, cause that ball of yarn just won't quit! What's up with that? I have so many stitches now they're falling off the needles.
Deawn is so my new muse. Minnie is so cool, and the LYS pulled out sock yarn from Trekking (I think that's spelled right)
Today I was off from work and went to Mangelsons. I found a ball of White merino cashmere blend yarn. 87 yds 50 grams (recommended size 8 needle) for 4.99. I had to have it. I have so little cashmere in my stash. All I need now is buffalo and some of the new "man made" fibers like soy silk, seacil, Tensel...You get the jist.
After I failed at napping this afternoon, I took my 13 yr old to the state fair. We had a blast for 2 people who didn't do much. rode 1 ride, played 1 game, went to the petting zoo, rode a camel, fed the animals, ate ice cream and hot dogs. Once again it was a blast. I will ask, is it NORMAL to stick stuff on a stick and sell it? I'm talking alligator, shrimp beef ,pork, chicken, peaches, twinkies, and snickers! Where does it end?

And to top the week all off, Our Vice president, Dick Cheney came to my building this week to promote his man Fortenberry. We were so so thrilled we stayed at our desk and continued to work. He He.
Can you tell where My allegiance lies?

Oh and My teen/dogs broke my brand new ball winder so now I have to buy a new one. On top of registering the car and paying some back boarding fees.
Overtime here I come.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

thank you for the kudos. considering i was the school geek in high school, it's nice to hear now.

as for the stick thing, i've seen pizza on a stick. yes, a slice of pizza, battered & fried, on a stick. i think that is the end.

9/06/2006 9:17 PM  

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