Saturday, August 26, 2006

Should have posted this before...

But here is the lowdown lately. I don’t think the festival is going to go off. We just don’t have enough vendors.
I picked up another knitting job yesterday and it looks like a neat job, just seams and 10 ends to weave in.
Nice and easy stockinet.
I’ve been working on My shawl, but may not finish it before September. I’m supposed to be working on my husbands sweater in September. I will need a small project to keep my sanity when I’m out. No socks, I think I’ll start my dad’s scarf. Black and grey alpaca. Hope he likes it, I need a reversible pattern that’s not too girly and not too boring. I wanted to try that broken rib pattern so that may be just the thing. Well maybe not, it IS pure alpaca. You know how warm that gets.
Hey, have you seen the new Panopticon shirt? Sheep on a plane, it’s hilarious!. Go look, I’ll wait….

Yeah it’s funny isn’t it?
One other thing is that I have run into a new blog, it’s called TwoSheep This lady spins knits and dyes. I have read thru a lot of her blog by category. (Spin knit dye) I find it just great.
Minnie is getting married and I haven’t spun anything for her bridal shower yet, but I have something in my stash I think she would like.

Back to the My shawl line, I think I remember why I started making rectangular shawls. The triangles are long in the stitch count. I don’t mind working stockinette for a mile or two but I am a slow knitter in the first place. Add over 200 stitches to the mix and now it takes forever to get a row finished. I still have to fix the 2 or third yarnover ‘cause it’s in the wrong place. (I know there is a Yiddish word to describe what I’m feeling but it escapes me right now.)

Work is in countdown mode, September is year end for us and I may be working a fudge load of overtime. We have exactly 18 mos left of a job and still things are droning on.
Our director will be spending the next two days out here. I swear I feel we’re the train wreck that people just can’t stop looking at, horrified. One of our senators is coming today as well to gawk and make sympathetic noises.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

thank you again for the gorgeous yarn. now if only i can get it in the house. i've been so busy, that the box got tossed in the back seat (by the boys, admittedly, not me!) and i havne't gotten it out of the van yet. wait, i'll go do that now!

ok, again, thanks, it was fantabulous (i'm a writer, i can make up words, lol). who was the senator? i know cheney was down that way, umm, yesterday? monday? my days are blending together, sigh. 17 days til the wedding. sigh. hope work gets better.

8/30/2006 8:30 PM  

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