Monday, August 14, 2006


This weekend was just the coolest so far. Friday I picked up my Car. It’s beautiful as I hoped. (not the color I wanted but still acceptable. Saturday my daughter and I went with some fiber friends to the Iowa state fair. Nice ride, cool fair, great weather and somehow I managed to come home with a rabbit.. A sable martin Jersey woolie! Her name is Riley, and she is 5 months old.

On the whole, with her cage water bottle and herself, she cost me 40.00 Too cool. Saturday I went to Wal-mart (all hail the evil that is Wal-mart) and found they carry food bedding brushes and toys. No cages and no medicine so….
Sunday I had a early morning breakfast with my hubby courtesy of scooters and Lake Manawa.. It had just rained and we went to one of the shelters and sat down and had breakfast. I listened to the birds and animals and smelled the wet grass and trees and we talked over coffees and scone/bagel. After breakfast we went thru Tractor supply co. Great place. I found cages medicine food books magazines but remembered I was supposed to call Linda before I bought. Unfortunately there were no prices on the medicine which was what I really needed. We tooled around Council Bluffs for a while then went home to rest and get Quisha. I called Linda to meet us at the Country store across from Tractor Supply Co. We found the medicine we needed, in horse size! (Needless to say I won’t have to buy more for a year or 5)
From there we said goodbye to Linda and went to the bike shop.
Extreme Wheels also in CB is a great place too. If you’re into bikes or riding at all go talk to them. I’m buying a Trek hybrid…slowly.
We got a call from a work friend of Johns that there was an auction going on at 13th st and there was a spinning wheel there. We went and looked. It was an antique parlor wheel in prime condition.(with 4 bobbins) It looked like the lady had used it for flax. It came complete with a distaff and chair. The wood looked like maple, and was a reddish color. I noticed it was very low to the floor and the treadle where it connects to the footman was broken. Never having been to an auction, I was lucky my father in law was an auctioneer and John knew what to do. We won the wheel at 125.00 and the chair at 7.50. From there it made a short stop home, and then off to the woodworkers. $40 will have my treadle repaired. What a find.

What a weekend, the little stuff is just as cool, My bank decided I was right, Apple replaced my I-Pod for free, I found out what my puppy’s issue was, My teen got a hoodie (and can stop stealing mine! =^ ) and today John and I will go take the dogs out for a run while he bikes in the 70 degree weather.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

what a lucky woman! i had a french angora YEARS ago (my 20 year old daughter was bitten on the finger by the little bugger when she ws all of 3 (she claims he thought it was a carrot, and since it wasn't a bad bite, we let it slide)), and he was sweet.

all that, and a wheel, too! swoon!

you could always bring it to the swap thursday (wink, wink).

sounds like a lovely weekend all around. let's hope this one is as good!

8/18/2006 9:37 PM  

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