Thursday, August 10, 2006

When life gets in the way

Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel like giving up? Those are some lyrics in Welcome to my life by Simple Plan. My life is in a whirlwind and it only seems to be gaining speed.

I spent 4 hours cleaning the house and working in the yard on Monday, and 2 hours working on a friends farm Sunday. My hands are so sore, I haven't been able to knit or spin since Saturday. Today is Thursday and I'm just getting over the soreness.

The fiber show is still not quite taking off, we have a new month and almost every vender we've petitioned has said Umm...I don't thinks so, we're gonna be really busy that month/weekend. No vendors no fiber festival.

I bought a new car almost two weeks ago and it still isn't here. I'm also finding out the gas mileage is very affected by the A.C. as well as whether I take the highway or not. It doesn't even look like I will be getting the color I want.

It has been HOT and then raining, then HOT and Humid, then raining, then... well you get the picture.

My lace shawl is a monument to fixing stitches without ripping out rows. I had gotten to row 7 in a 10 row pattern only to find that I had made mistakes in the previous pattern row, (which would explain why I ran short on the stitches) so now I'm still at row 7 two weeks after I started. That doesn't include the 5 rows of garter stitch on the bottom.

School starts in two weeks and the money sitch is weird! My husband was told last Friday that he had 6 weeks of work left, and this is after He just bought a brand new car.

I haven't slept well for days and tomorrow I get paid, pick up my daughter from Fremont and then we go to the Iowa state fair with some friends. I hope we have fun. I feel as wound up as a clock and I don't know how to let go.

Damn the torpedoes..Full steam ahead! I think I'll go spin some wool.


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