Thursday, July 20, 2006

What the... How did that get there?

Ok, so here I am at work and I make my blog statement for the day right? Only I can't seem to get it home cause we have this fire wall. So I find a cool way which is posting comments to my own blog. They go to my e mail address and the firewall passes it right thru.
Yeah, well the problem with that (I didn't notice till today) is that my comments show up on the blog, instead of going to my e mail in secret. Bummer, but I think if I don't sign in, then they will Just go to my e mail. Maybe...
Any way, here are the posts that were supposed to be up:

Ok, I saw this blog called the Heathen Housewife. She is asking for leftover sock yarn to complete her modular blanket. At first I said whoa cool, a place to send mine! Then I thought way cooler, something to do with mine! As I flipped around her blog she was talking about on line swapping. (No this is not some swinging couple thing.) and I said I always wanted to join one of those, but I don't have the deadline kind of mind. As I read on I found this magic ball idea and thought about doing it for a friend of mine, but she has enough yarn. Knitting mini socks came next, ya know back to the leftover sock yarn cause I don't have enough to do a big blanket either, then finally combining my desire to do charity work like preemie socks! Give me a year and I'll get right on it.
I need a case of crochet hooks..Don't look at me like that, I am not turning traitor, I need it because my finishing business is taking off again.
So now that we have established that I have extra sock yarn, lets talk about why. Right now I am knitting the second bon bon sock and I started with a 3 oz ball. I still probably have 1.5 oz left and I'm doing the secondsock's last round of gusset decreases. The reason is simple, I don't make long legs. I like short cuff socks, which leaves me with a lot of leftover yarn. So I have 3 balls of brownsheep wildfoote, 4 balls of Regina in autumn colors. One color was split up, I knitted my bed socks out of one ball, and my hubby machine knitted a pair out of the other ball. Maybe I will knit a hat. Or maybe take the fuzzy stuff and knit a cuff, and use a tame color to knit the rest. Decorative warm socks. Good for kids, good for X mas. Hhhmmmmm How cool is that?
One of the vendors I saw at Iowa sheep and wool is now a supporter for Cast-On the podcast! Wow talk about a small world! Rock on.

And the next one..

Why did I get married. To tell you the truth, I keep getting married for bad reasons. Not bad like addicted to crack bad, but not the most right ones. Now I will saw why I stay married. My second husband drives me to all my fiber events. A new yarn store in Iowa? Lets go a fiber festival in Missouri? No problem, need to go pick up a loom in Grand Island, I got the keys, another fiber show in Kansas is just a trip down the street. My husband listens to me drone about fiber and actually understands what I'm saying even tho he has no interest in it whatsoever. He will even buy it for me without complaining...much
I have spots on my skin from eczema, my husband just thinks it makes me look more like the cat he thinks I am. He still tells me I'm pretty and chases me around the house.
My husband can cook, and would rather I not. (he he!) He doesn't think there are such things as women's work which means he cleans and does his own laundry.
He has a great sense of humor, he enjoys highbrow and low brow jokes as well as PUNS! This means he's warped in the same way I am.
He is not afraid to say I'm sorry and admit when he's wrong, (tho they are not always the same thing.)
Some men are frightened by a women who can take care of herself, the kids and everything else, some men take advantage of women like that. My hubby doesn't need me to be dependent on him, and is not really dependent on me.

Love him, cause what else can you do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dragonknitter says:
i do understand about some guys. my fiance is a lot like your husband. he doesn't say much about my yarn. havne't had the opportunity to ask him to take me somewhere (i'd rather drive myself, lol) but i'm sure he would. and we both cook (we both work/worked in food service for anumber of years, he comes up with the nutty ideas, and i let him know if it will work or not), and he does his own laundry. and cleans his own house.

and he knows i'll do my own stuff if i can. i'm kinda small, so i have trouble with large, oversized stuff (i have the strength, just not the leverage). heck, i put up a screen door on my front porch myself. and he thinks it's great. we take care of each other.

7/20/2006 2:16 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

lol, you moved my comment, lol. that so rocks!

7/20/2006 7:58 PM  

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