Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Warning: May cause random bitch slapping

I'm in a bit off a mood so here it is: my store site is going up..slowly. I have all the pictures done, but have realized I need more info like yarn weight and length. Work is horrible, I've typed so much I have had to resort to Motrin. A client of mine says..Oh I didn't need you to do all that! GRRR
and to top it all off I am not interested in seeing any one or crafting anything.

So lets talk about the good things that have been going on. I finished the socks, found a yellow shirt and wore them to work. I liked them and so did everyone else.
Saturday I spun with friends from 915 am till 600 pm. What a hoot! Thanks ladies I needed that.
In that day I got all the dyed silk spun up and plied. It only came to an oz but Hey it's silk. And it is pretty! I got another row done on my x mas shawl. That makes 4 (I think) and one more till the lace starts.
The horseshoe motif is so in!

Anyway the title is because of the mood, and a recent episode of House. That's about all the typing I can do so..


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