Sunday, September 03, 2006

The bunny is running my life

First a little song...
This is the shawl that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend, This lady started knitting it not knowing what it was and she'll continue knitting it forever just because..(continue ad nauseum)
Thank you Lambchop!

Ok on to the bunny. Riley, my 7 month old Jersey woolly doe, has decided that she runs my life. Have you ever got the attitude look from a rabbit? Well I tell you what, it looks much the same as on a human. She stands up on her hind paws and cocks her head at me in a way that says, " I know you didn't just walk away from me without feeding me!" Then when I did feed her she snatched it out of my hand! Another time when I was late with her supper she decided that it wasn't enough. I had to pick her up and give her cuddles before she would eat. Her very first temper tantrum was at 1 am when she kicked her (empty) water bottle off the cage and across the floor. There's a wake up I tell you. So I go to J and tell him the bunny is running my life. He says "that's what happens when you let a female in!" I laughed then, now it's got me thinking....

So there is a little blurb for you. That and I found that ball of merino cashmere at mangelsons for 4.99...Yeah still doing the happy happy joy joy dance on that one. I also managed to spin up that ball I was short for my August inventory. A 1 oz ball of corridale and pygora. Now what will I do for Sept? I tryed out some black longwool/pink mohair mix That I bought at the Iowa sheep and wool and was disapointed. Not enough pink mohair. I've got some grey angora I bought a while ago on the Schacht bobbin and some of the Ashland Bay top as well. I have the last of the white Border Liecester on my drop spindle but no yarn winder to ball it off for plying. ( I did learn how to use a Nostepinn this morning.) I have 2 empty drop spindles and my suffolk cross fleece on the way back from the mill. Incidently that is where the Corridale/Pygora came from. I still have the alpaca wool I could spin up(fat and chunky!)

Yesterday was my birthday by the way, my kids got me a card and J and his sister got me 2 Terry Pratchett books. They treated me out to lunch and I was glad all day. 32 is not the end of the world. (just keep saying that) I have a resolution for my new year..I am going to stop talking about the men in my life. I'm just tired of it. Really!
Now that I'm in the Guard I'm gonna have a lot more on my mind.


Anonymous puck said...

Happy Birthday! i would love to see some of your other yarn since the skein you gave to minnie was so lovely
it seems like it is fiber, fiber everywhere at your house!
my dogs rule our house, it is sad but true. we don't have any human children so the fur kids get all our attention and it has spoiled them terribly
hope to see you this thursday
oh and i see you drank the kool-aide too and drive a VW...i really love mine, she is very zippy

9/04/2006 7:34 AM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

not only is 32 not the end, it's not even hardly the beginning! talk to me when you turn 40 (which i turned in april, lol)

9/06/2006 9:14 PM  

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