Monday, February 27, 2006

Behold the conquering hero!...almost

Olympic fans and Olympic knitting fans, the games are over and I finished the only project I actually started during the Olympics. The hat. The sweater is still at the sleeves, cause I never did find more yarn, or even a compatible yarn and I need size 13, 5 set DPN's. For the hat I went out and bought the 5 set size 10's. What was the deal? Don't know but I still got something done. Scarf? What scarf? I don't know what your talking about. Back to the hat, it is blue and gray on the body and blue and green on the crown. I'm looking at making another one it was so fun. or maybe just something else quick and dirty.
Erin, we all miss you and look forward to your return to our version of reality. Kind comments to I am Proud to note that Steph (the yarn harlot) finished her sweater in the nick of time and we can all breath a sigh of relief. I hope you all got your knitting to at least a point you can be proud of, if not done.
Today I got my hair done, and 100.00 later will be wiping oil for the next 3 days while looking like a Christmas tree. The things we pay for and the horror we go through to look "pretty" I'm going back to the afro!


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