Saturday, January 28, 2006

In the end is a beginning

Here at Snarled Yarns we have ended the easy knitting phase and begun the complicated knitting phase. Yes we have started the lace and it is lovely! We are addicted, no longer will we be knitting plain stockinette or garter stitch, no more ribbing, no more...Anything that doesn't include a yarnover, fine yarn and small needles. ( and plenty of stitch markers. ) No more hats scarves or baby blankets. Just the obligatory sweater, mittens, hats, scarves WAIT a minute! You can put lace anywhere so I guess I will STILL be making scarves, hats baby, blankets....
I have made some forays into dropped stitch knitting, I would like to say that after years of keeping stitches On the needle Here I am pushing them off on purpose! You know how weird that is? (yes I'm sure you do) Well as soon as I get used to it I will be ok but for now...
On the puppy news, we are huge! Paws, appetite and all! Photos later.
Gotta go, tiny needles are calling me...


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