Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spring is in the Air

Ok you know the weather has done things to your brain when suddenly you can't stop getting ideas! I've already got 3 projects going, one in it's looking for a pattern stage and this last one has been just lurking around for a while now.( You guys are SO due photos.. so I will do them tonight.) I've got a stockinette stitch cotton hat, my teens sweater that just needs sleeves, and the Red Lace Scarf. In the works is a "Great God it's Green" afghan, and hair bows. You know those things that make cute ponytail holders? 4 dpn's, some nice cotton yarn and a plain elastic band...Poof! Hair bow!
Oh and Happy V day belated!

Ok, the G3 afghan has a story..Once upon time there was this well meaning lady named Roberta, who had this puke green wool yarn donated to her. She, being a sweet woman, gave this rug yarn to her local wool eating friend. There it sat, for months in the basement, over 1 lb of light puke green rug wool. It smelled like dusty musty and no idea would come to mind except donate it to the trash. Then it struck...The green phase of life. (first there was the red, then the purple, then neutral colors, then blue...You get the point) It just so happened she was in the mood to do some dying, the yarn needed a new coat of paint, and there it hung. On the shower curtain. Hunter green wool that no longer smelled and wasn't rough anymore and was looking like a project! And they all knit happily ever after. I love it when a plan comes together! and now, Photos....
The hat...

the lace scarf...........

And the teens sweater (sans sleeves)
And now I'm off to knit some more lovies!
The knitting Olympians only have 10 more days to go.


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