Monday, January 16, 2006

The Baby Blanket that was!

Ok ladies and gents, the blanket is on it's last step. The dreaded, the monotonous, the really important cause if you screw it up it will haunt you forever... Weaving in the ends! Other wise known as finishing. But I do have to say that next time: I will count my rows. I will block all my pieces before seaming. Those came out much better than the ones that were not blocked first but seamed anyway. I will use a 3 needle bind off, and consistently slip my first stitches.
I Am Proud of myself though, it turned out better than I expected, only one real complaint. I'm not sure I should even point it out. My next project is a sweater for Christine (mindless knitting) and I think I will start on that diamond lace pattern in the Brown Sheep Wildfoote Sock yarn. (attention knitting) It's snowing outside like a blizzard, but it's too warm to stick. It's so pretty that it puts me in mind of the snow drop shawl from the Yarnharlot blog. I am not up to that yet. Oh look the snow slowed down...
Now for all you visual types, a photo

Of the puppy at 6 weeks. You cannot see all his markings, but he is definitely a rot chow lab mix. He seems to be taking after the chow in size, paws and the wrinkles on his nose. His ears, eye, and chest markings are rottweiler, and the rest is all lab. Isn't he so cute? That is a size 10 Nike next to him for a size refrence. At that time he weighed 3 lbs 4 oz.
now he is 4 lbs 13 oz. It's been a week.

Next is the blanket that was.. A bunch of pieces last week

(the little pink things next to it are my Hubbies feet. They're kinda cute too!)
Got to run. Keep it cool..


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