Saturday, January 21, 2006

Victory! Of a sort...

Lace knitting you are about to be conquered! I have found a nice simple lace pattern. It has a 2 row repeat. (yeah, couldn't be more simple) It's pretty... and still takes more concentration than anything else I have knit before. I have even managed to get it right and knit 1 inch of it. There is a natural picoting of the edge. The yarn is called Silky Tweed, a blend of wool and silk bought at Mangelsons, our local craft store extrodinaire. I've been drooling over this yarn for months! I mean since last fall. So I bought some in a medium purple and then when I returned the clients finished baby afgahn, and got paid, I bought 2 more hanks in the autumn red. The lace pattern is called Arches and Columns, from Crystal Palace yarns. Photo's will come when there is more to show.
Speaking of more to show.. The latest member of our family has grown he was weighed today at
5 lbs 2 oz. Here is a photo taken Thursday.

Same size 10 Nike! Dog is now twice the length.
The baby blanket has 1/2 it's ends woven in and will be Done Done shortly. (Hurrah for Me!)
Well, the knitting calls.. the puppy howls...
Keep on keeping on.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

yeah! you will be addicted to, um, i mean enjoying lace soon! go check my blog, i did that shawl as my first lace project, and i had a blast.

and, gee, isn't that silly, buying yarn with money you earned from your knitting? (pardon me, i have to go get a mop for the sarcasm dripping on the floor, before someone slips in it!)

1/22/2006 11:18 AM  

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