Thursday, February 09, 2006

The wonderful world of podcasting

Pod casting, the new thing in my life seems to have hit the knitting community pretty well. (At least those of us who are tech knitters). I heard of this format last sat at Borders reading on of the many knitting mags. I came home and checked it out. Then checked it out some more! All in all faithful readers, I have found 7 podcasts on the net. Knit cast, fiber cast, about time, knitting news cast, secret knitting, cast-on and pointy sticks. The last three I have not been able to check out yet, the first two I have listened to every podcast they have!
I have thought of doing my own podcasting since I have all the equipment anyway and few in the world seem to know Omaha exists. It would/could be a real boost for the shops, the guild and Omaha in general. I have to say, I have now heard the Yarn Harlots voice and I must say, it’s deeper than I thought it would be. She's definitely an alto folks.
Speaking of the Harlot, I have decided to become an unofficial knit Olympian. I will attempt to finish my 13-year-olds sweater in 16 days, and believe me that’s a feat with my schedule! I still have a full time job, plus Overtime, family, and craft meetings to keep up with. Wish me luck, and good luck to all you Athletes out there knitters or otherwise. That brings us to our next subject..meetings
I want to try to make a calendar on the side of the blog, so you can all see the meetings going on around town thru the month. Kinda like a knitting community calendar.

Every Saturday is busy, with a Knitting meeting at Southroads mall, Bellevue 900am – 1130/1200 pm We meet in front of Ameritrade.
The second Saturday afternoon of the month, there is a spin-in in the mezzanine of Wild Oats at 78th and Dodge. 100-500pm. If you spin knit crochet tat anything portable, come join us! If you want to learn how, or just want to watch, come join us. All meetings are open to the public.

The first and third Monday of the month there is a Sit and Knit at Personal Threads on 84th and Dodge, from 600-800 pm
Also on the first Monday of the month there is a meeting of the Knit Wits at String of Purls (S.O.P.) at 87th and Pacific, starting between 600 and 630pm

Every Tuesday morning S.O.P. also has a sit and Knit from 900 – 1130am
Every Tuesday evenings there are 2 meetings going on, One at Joanne’s Fabrics on Fort Crook rd in Bellevue from 600/630 – 830pm. The other at Mangelsons just off the I-80m exit on 84th from 630 – 900pm

The Second Wednesday of the month there is a needlework guild meeting in the----Retirement home at the corner of Fort Crook and Cornhusker in Bellevue from 100 – 400pm
The second Wednesday evening of the month the Omaha Weavers and Spinners guild meets at the -----on 119th and Blondo from 600 – 900pm From there the small spinners and weavers groups announce their meeting place and times.

Every Thursday night S.O.P. holds another Sit and Knit from 530 – 800 pm

That’s all for now, I’m not a big fan of long blogs. I’m off to find some books I’ve heard about on the podcasts, and to listen to more podcasts, learn to defeat HTML coding, and postcasting 101, as well as a whole slew of advertising.
Wish me luck and energy!


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