Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is it over yet?

Ok, I know there are those of you who really enjoy the holidays. (and more power to you) But I for one cannot wait for them to be over! Holidays are great in spots but they seriously cut into the craft time. Not to mention they signal the fact that I have to count inventory and then compute taxes... Soon. YUCK! Any way, The Tuesday Knit meeting at Joannes in Bellevue went well last night. I got a Very good start on my clients baby afghan, got to see all my knitster girls and meet and warp a few new knitters! Ahh that glowing of the eyes, clicking of the needles , the intense concentration and finally the exclamation " I got it!" Gets me everytime. That's payment enough for me.
On the subject of the never ending baby blanket, we are done making squares, I've ironed 8 out of 12 and am ready to do a 3 needle bind off to put it together. (That will work right? It better, I have a lot of time and hope put in this, like I hope I don't mess it up while putting it together!) Oh yeah and I bought blocking wires! This is wild, I haven't used them but they should be wicked! If you want a set of your own go to Personal Threads. I'm sure the others carry them, but that's where I got mine.
Well I'm listening to MJ and a good song is on, so ...


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