Saturday, February 18, 2006

Updates in Rant Form

Ok ladies and gents the new and improved blog is... not coming I will not be doing any podcasting, there will be photo's next time. Right now I'm looking for more yarn to finish my teens sweater sleeves. 1/4 length sleeves do not work well on a heavy sweater, they look kinda dorky. So the search is on, the knitting is halted, the hat needs DPN's(size 10, 5 set) and the Olympics are just for a few days more. The lace continues as always, slowly. I'm thinking about just lace on the ends of the scarf. The only problem with that is knowing where to start the lace up again before I run out of yarn! I bought the Boye knitting set, expensive and it has yet to prove it's worth. (if I spend 70.00 on something it darn well better work!) I find that I may be able to toss my circulars and maybe my straights,(cause I rarely use them) but nothing replaces DPN's. Even if you have a circular cable 5 inches long, it doesn't make for easy knitting of a hat top!
I bought the book Handmade for Profit, haven't read it yet, finished Knit Lit the third, and will be going back to spinning cause of the aforementioned issues, and my fingers hurt! I've hunted all over town for the yarn and may have to settle for a lionbrand substitute. (oh well next time buy 6 balls!) It's either that or buy it for 3X as much off the net. YUCK!
Well this rant is over, thanks for the ear..I mean eye.


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