Sunday, September 23, 2007

Now it's been two

Two. Two years tomorrow since I started this blog. I can't belive it. I thought I was coming on maybe 1. Wow... I still read many of the blogs I used to read, Yarn Harlot, Panopticon, and a few new ones.. Brooklyn Tweed, Two sheep Getting Stitched, and Modeknit. My friends still keep their blogs Muses of a Dragon Mad Knitter, Does Anybody Give a Damn. I listen to podcasts (which started in the last year) Cast on, Sticks and String, Knitwit, and the KnitPicks Podscast.
I've been enthralled By EZ, Lace, and Fine wool. I've knit a sweater from the fleece up, and 2 pairs of socks. J got a new motorcycle and a job he can hold onto. I've finaly adjusted to Christine and Heather has become the most accomplished violinist in her school. Quisha has turned into a young woman and I have a job I like and offers me some opportunities for growth. My east coast relatives continue life unchanging. At least we haven't lost anymore of them.
My garden has grown and the flowers bloom beautifully, both figuratively and literaly.
Life is good, let's hope for another couple of decades like this.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

yippee skippy! that's cool! and did i tell you that liam is second trombone in the marching band? and he's only been playing a year! rock on!

it's always good when you like your job.

9/23/2007 6:24 PM  
Blogger Kristin Nicholas said...

Two years of a blog definitely deserves a happy blogiversary! Congrats to you for a job well done.

10/30/2007 6:25 PM  

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