Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cute title? Nah!

I haven't posted in a while cause I've been on vacation with the girls. It's been great. We went to the mall, the bookstore the pet store the shoe store, roller skating and eating out. We also have been cleaning and playing around the house, sleeping in staying up late, learning to cook, watching Weird Al videos and listening to music, (We got another I pod so the whole family is equipped) and anything else we want. Today we went to the outdoor mall in Papillion. Yesterday was downtown getting class stuff for the 15 y/o. Tomorrow we will be in Council bluffs for Haircuts and coffee. We won't be doing that till late though, the girls are showing signs of wear. LOL

Knitting: the blue Job tank will be done tonight or tomorrow. The green cashmere sweater is next to be finished, and then the same customer has a t shirt to be finished. I've got enough work.
On my own front, I have finished the neck of the seamless raglan and used a knit on Garter stitch border. On the sleeves, I have knit down another two inches and need to see how that fits before I sew them up and add the Garter stitch back to the cuffs.
I have started the EZ pi shawl plain version. I'm up to the increases for 288 stitches. It's made with Indecita alpaca sport weight in fawn. I'm using number 10.5 needles. It seems to be going well...
Gotta go the hands are hurting.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

i'd say your hands are hurting! sheesh!

we're dealing with band stuff, whoopee!

8/16/2007 7:31 PM  

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