Monday, July 30, 2007

These boots were made for walking

I’m making the Booties from Brooklyn Tweeds post..Saartje;s booties. So far I have gotten to row 19 of 30. Past the half way mark. This bootie will be experimental as I have never made booties like this before. I already know it will be too big but re sizing the pattern is not a problem. I just figured out what all the increases were for in the middle. They round out the toe! You can see a little pouch forming for the toes. I’m knitting it up in some purple and blue ribbon yarn I bought at SOP out of their sale bin. Once I’m done knitting the whole thing I will rip it out and re make it for real. Lucky they are such small things.

The JOB is done. I took a picture of it with that who shall not be named (the camera that isn’t working!) So the photo may never show up, but then again it might work.

I have also finished the Harry Potter Book. I shall not write about it, except that to say it was good.

Did I mention I have a plethora of expecting mothers in my office? Yeah, I will be knitting for a while. Thankfully baby things are pretty small. I have excuses to make the February sweater, the Debbie Bliss baby cardigan and the Baby Surplice Jacket, along with 2 pairs of these booties and maybe a blanket or two. Did I say Plethora?! I need to get it done between now and September. October starts the making of the kids sweaters.

My own sweater is working well. I managed to make 1 inch worth of waist decreases I think I will spread another inch out among the trunk before beginning the increases for the bust. (stop that laughing! I do too have a bust!) Ahem.

The children will be back starting next month, Quisha on the first, Heather on the 5th and Christine on the 12th. At least I get to get used to them gradually not thrown on me all at once. I can tell that my empty nest syndrome will only last 3 months, then I will be used to them being gone.

Back to spinning and knitting(cause I have no life) I Navajo plied some alpaca wool singles I had spun up but they were still too skinny to be called a worsted. Back tot the drawing board. I spun some silk to go with some red wool I spun up. Not quite sure how much I’ll need but I’m thinking ¼ to ½ the weight of the wool.( so about .5-1 oz)
Any way, this post is a few days old(July 24th) so I’ll update you kiddies in another few days


Blogger dragon knitter said...

i wasn't going to say a WORD about busts!

i'm counting t he days til school starts (23)

7/30/2007 10:17 AM  

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