Monday, July 02, 2007

Book Book

All right, I have had enough of the book drivel! No I’m not talking about the issue going on with the bloggers who are becoming authors. I’m talking about the authors who write knitting side focus books. You know the ones like The Shop on Blossom Street, and my latest disappointment, The Killer Stitch. This one was a mystery with a strong knitting side bar.

I’ve never been one for mysteries in the first place. They all strike me as way to close to the romance novels but are off by a step. Yes there was knitting in there but they made it sound so hokey, and the way the characters were sucking down coffee and sweets, they must be more the size of cows. Lastly everyone was an alpaca rancher. There was one or two mention of cows and sheep, but that was all.(mind you this was Colorado.) Now this writer has written several books in the same vein and I won’t read any of them. I paid over 20.00 for the book in hardback and when I got though with it, I gave it away to anyone who wanted it. The mystery was not the subtle “lead you along dropping a few clues” kind. This was a” lead you in the wrong direction and then drop a character in out of nowhere and blame it on her” kind.
The next book I want to try is called 3 Bags Full. It is also a mystery, but it’s done from the point of view of the sheep.

One last book that I read that wasn’t worth it was Empress Orchid. It’s a large soft back and I was hoping it would be as interesting as Memoirs of a Geisha but I was sadly disappointed. Westerners Idea of what an Empress is, is different from an Easterners.
I was hoping for a Mulan but no such luck.

Now that I have a Nano at my disposal, I may sign up with and branch out.
We’ll see. There’s always Terry Goodkind, Terry Pratchett, the Harry Potter books, the Dune books, the Eragon series….



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