Saturday, August 04, 2007

I just want your ....Photograph!

The first blocking to make sure it would be the right size.
The second blocking out to the right size.
The camera is working, for now. I threatened to replace it and it decided to behave. This is the last knitting Job I finished, the Not Knit Round shawl.

My knitting has had to stop for a while since it's Close at work and I've been working and coming home and going to sleep. The kids come back tonight and hopefully I will adjust to their presence well. The summer is over and the fall is just around the corner.
I have the second part of a knitting Job come back to me and an old knitting Job from April come back as well.
I will have to wait to finish my sweater, which is progressing so well! I also need some new baby booties patterns cause the Saartje pattern came out fine but I'm not one to knit the same style more than once if I can help it. (no photo)

Sticks and String my favorite podcast should be out this weekend. I will be at wild oats this afternoon, I think.
I spent 2 hours catching up on my blogs, podcasts and knitting shows so now I''m off to wake up the kiddo and get ready to go to Borders.


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